About Us

We welcome you to join the anti-aging revolution. 

We are Genex, and we are all about offering our clients the ability to slow the process of aging. We understand very well that aging is natural and while it is a beautiful phenomenon, we have chosen to concern ourselves with understanding the underlying causes of aging so that we can help our clients hold on to their youths just a little bit longer.

We have discovered that when we age, we suffer accumulated cellular damage caused by the onslaught of free radicals leading to the loss of NAD and shortening of telomere length.  Our products have been specially formulated to increase how well the mitochondria (the powerhouses of human cells) function, and since 2016 we have gained the trust of a huge following of clients.

While the supplement business industry is fairly unregulated, Genex holds itself to a higher standard, selling only quality supplements manufactured with tested and trusted ingredients. All of our products are manufactured in a facility that is not only FDA and GMP certified but also NSF registered.

We understand that beauty is beyond what the physical eyes can see, knowing fully well that beauty begins from the human cells, and what is seen on the outside is simply a manifestation of what is going on inside.

Our job is to rejuvenate the human body from inside out, with our array of products specially formulated to slow down the aging process, and we want to help you begin to live your best life now.

Here at Genex, we have a slogan that permeates everything that we do. We believe that, “Quality of life begins with good choices, start living.”

And so, we encourage you to indeed start living now. Welcome to a new revolution and to a brand new you.

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