92% of U.S. Population Have Vitamin Deficiency. Are You One of Them?

Nutrient deficiencies exist extensively among many members of the U.S. population. Rich, poor, well, or sick—92 percent of the population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency based on the Dietary Reference Intakes.  The entire country is overfed and undernourished. Even if you consume a “perfect” diet, the odds are, something is missing.


It is a well-known fact that processed junk and fast foods have become staples in the American diet. Fresh, nutrient-rich foods are often considered taxing on time and finances, deeming these food choices a luxury rather than the standard at dinner tables throughout the country.

Furthermore, multiple studies, dating as far back as 1936, have found that the soil of farmland all across the globe is deficient in micronutrients, lowering their content in produce. To further prove this theory, in 2003, Canadian researchers compared the data of current vegetable nutrient content to data from 50 years ago. Their findings showed that the mineral content of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes had depleted from 400 milligrams to less than 50 milligrams throughout the twentieth century. And, that’s just a sampling of what they found.

The fact is, even if processed junk food and fast food were not a part of the food supply, deficiencies would still be rampant, as soil quality is diminishing at a rapid rate and reducing the nutrient value of produce.

The numbers don’t lie. According to the CDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA):

    • 9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in potassium
    • 7 out of 10 are deficient in calcium
    • 8 out of 10 are deficient in vitamin E
    • 50 percent of Americans are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium
    • More 50 percent of the general population is vitamin D deficient, regardless of age
    • 90 percent of Americans of color are vitamin D deficient
    • Approximately 70 percent of elderly Americans are vitamin D deficient
    • Most Americans 45 years and older have started to feel the decrease of their NAD+ and CoQ10 levels as they grow older resulting in low energy, stamina, mental focus, hormone production, and endurance

What’s the solution?

For decades, researchers and major medical organizations have battled over the necessity of supplements in the diet. Even the American Medical Association, which had always taken a bold stand against supplements, wrote in a statement, “The Journal of the American Medical Association today is advising all adults to start taking some form for vitamin daily”

Quality supplements can help you restore and maintain your micronutrient levels for optimal health. Whether you are a top athlete or someone seeking wellness, your diet needs to be supported to reach your healthcare goals.

What supplements should you take?

There are a lot of nutrients that work together to allow the body to function optimally. So, how do you know which ones you need to be healthy and well?

Of course, there are some nutrients, like NMN and Resveratrol in which most Americans are deficient and getting enough in the diet is nearly impossible. Get a jumpstart on repairing your nutrient deficiencies and increase your NAD+ levels, these are top supplements that benefit most individuals:

  • NMN is an entirely natural compound found in our bodies. Various food sources also contain this compound in minuscule amounts. Edamame which has one of the higher contents, only show less than 1.9mg/100g. NMN is a direct and potent NAD+ supplement. Mice given an oral supplement of NMN showed increased liver NAD+ levels in just 10 minutes and showed an increase in muscle tissue by 30 minutes.

    Increased NAD+ levels stimulate energy metabolism, DNA repair, and SIRTUIN activity. SIRTUINS are the longevity-genes shown to be active during caloric restriction and life-extension in many animal models.

    • NMN Boosts Energy Metabolism - NAD+ helps to breakdown food like sugars into energy. 
    • Promotes Healthy Brain and Cardiovascular Function. 
    • Anti-Aging DNA Repair - NAD+ is used to repair broken DNA strands. 
    • SIRTUIN Activator - NAD+ is required for our longevity genes to work. 
    • NMN is THE compound used by Harvard Scientists to reverse some signs of aging tissue in mice that started the rush to NAD supplements.
  • Trans-Resveratrol is a natural plant extract, a polyphenol produced by plants to protect against injury and stress. In humans, it promotes overall health and well-being by supporting healthy metabolic function, brain health, and blood flow. Resveratrol needs no introduction, as it is arguably one of the most studied and widely consumed nutritional supplements in recent years. It is renowned for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties that fight free radicals, with the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver its benefits.
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function by crossing the blood-brain barrier and delivering its longevity, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits.
    Resveratrol is  a Sirtuin Activator, an AMPK activator and an NAD+ booster mimicking benefits of caloric restriction
    Resveratrol has a myriad of health-promoting benefits that support healthy cell Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function.
    Our Resveratrol is formulated with BioPerine®  and MICRONIZED for SUPERIOR ABSORPTION and better bioavailability!

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