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NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Powder 15G (100 Scoops)

NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Powder 15G (100 Scoops)

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  • GMO Free
  • 100% VEGAN
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All Genex NMN powder products are made using ONLY 99% pure NMN raw material which is tested and bottled in a GMP and NSF certified facility in the USA.

Consuming NMN in powder form may increase absorption and effectiveness of the supplement.

Our pure NMN powder supplement:
• Assists with healthy aging*
• Can help with energy metabolism*
• Promotes healthy brain and cardio function*
• Supports increased NAD+ levels*
• Passed all third party lab testing
• Is shelf stabilized for your protection

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (150mg)
Servings Per Container: 100

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kristina O.
It's fluffier that other brands

The texture is so far off from other brands that it scares me. The brand I was used to stopped selling to America (even though they are based here) after mnm was banned here so I'm not sure if this is made differently to avoid the ban but if that's the case, is it still mnm?

This is a great value.

no dislike; use it for medical reasons

It's expensive, but it's the best NMN product.

It's expensive, but it's the best NMN product.

Live Longer

This is recommended to extend your life by a well known researcher.

Not 100% perfect quality control, but they are still the best by far.

This brand is my favorite for NMN.Athough one order came a bit clumpy, the rest were perfect.They just "taste" and "feel" much better to eat than the other brands for some reason.Also, I had an order that was opened. I told the company and they sent me another $70 canister, no questions asked.That's another big reason they have my loyalty.

Your Body, Your Health, Our Priority

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Third Party Tested

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Shelf Stable

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Bottled & Encapsulated in the USA

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GMO Free

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Gluten Free

Image 7

NSF Certified Facility

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GMP Certified Facility

Genex resveratrol supplement bottle next to a clear glass with water being poured into it. Text on the image reads "Strength, Purity & Potency promise"

All Genex products go through three different phases of testing to ensure premium quality.

Our raw materials are tested for identity, potency, purity and heavy metals before production, and during production weights, capsule count and overall quality are checked against stringent guidelines.

Before public release, all our products are once again lab tested for purity, potency and efficacy to ensure you get the highest quality supplements delivered to your door.